• Gender: Masculine
  • Origin: Czech/Slovak
  • Meaning: “clever; sharp witted.”
  • (bis-STREEK)

The name is derived from the Czecho-Slovak word bystrý meaning “clever; smart; sharp witted.” It is borne by a medieval Christian martyr, (11th-century). It is uncertain what national origins St. Bystrik had, but he was appointed by the Hungarian bishop of Nitra to Christianize the area of what is now Slovakia. However, the bishop was murdered on the banks of the Danube in Budapest before making it to his final destination. His cult is relegated to Hungary and Slovakia. His feast day in Slovakia is September 11th, while in Hungary it is September 25. Other forms of the name include the Hungarian versions: Beszteréd, Besztrik, Besztríd and Beszter. There are also a few latinized versions, which include: Beztertus, Bestredius, Bestridus, Bestricus, Bistridus and Bistritus.