Gender: Feminine
Origin: Albanian
Meaning: “butterfly.”

The name comes directly from the Albanian word, flutur, meaning, “butterfly.”

The word is also connected to the Albanian verb, fluturoj meaning “to fly.”


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Gender: Feminine
Origin: Persian
Meaning: “butterfly.”

The name comes directly from the Farsi meaning “butterfly.” Parvana is the Pashtun version. Farvaneh is an older Persian form.


Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: uncertain

The name is of uncertain meaning but is most likely derived from the Greek, andros, meaning “man.”

The name is found in Greek mythology as the name of the husband of the nymph Dryope.

There are two other mythical characters mentioned by this name.

It is also the name of a species of butterfly.

The name would make a nice alternative to the classic Andrew.

Nickname options include Andy, and Andre.

Another form is the Italian, Andremone (very rare).