Gender: Feminine
Origin: Czech/Slovak/Polish
Meaning: “goddess”

This ancient Slavonic appellation, is comprised of the Slavonic element, bozy, meaning, “god” and the feminine suffix –ena.

The name is still currently very popular in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

It is borne by famous Czech writer, Božena Nemcova (1820-1862). She is mainly known for her romanticized novels of Czech and Bohemian life and was apart of the Czech National Revival movement.

Polish and Czech-American Bozenas usually anglicized their name to Bonnie.

The designated name day is July 26.

Other forms are:

  • Božena (Czech/Lithuanian/Slovak/Slovene)
  • Bożana (Polish: obscure)
  • Bożechna (Polish: obscure)
  • Bozhena Божена (Russian)