Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek Θαλεια Θαλία
Meaning: “to blossom” or “abundance”
(THAHL-ee-ah); (TAHL-ee-ah); (tuh-LEE-ah)

A Greek name of a few different etymologies, Thalia could be derived from the ancient Greek Θαλεια (thaleia) meaning “to blossom.” In this case, it was borne by the Muse of Comedy and Idyllic Poetry.

It could also be derived from Θαλία (Thalía) the Greek word for abundance, an adjectival term used to describe lavish parties and banquets. It was borne by the Greek personification of one of three Graces or Charities. Thalia presided over festivities and celebrations.

The name is also borne by a nereid and a nymph in Greek mythology.

Thalia is also the name of a type of gastropod (mollusk) or snail, a genus of plant in the arrowroot family and a bookstore chain found in German-speaking countries.

It is the name of a river in France, named for the nereid.

It is currently most notably borne by Mexican pop-singer, Thalía (b.1971).

As of 2009, Thalia was the 355th most popular female name in France and the 946th most popular in the United States (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

Taliya (Azeri)
Talia (Catalan/Italian/Polish)
Talija (Croatian/Serbian)
Thalie (French)
Thaleia (Greek)
Thalía (Greek/Spanish)
Tália (Hungarian/Portuguese/Slovak)
Talėja (Lithuanian)
Taleja (Polish)
Talía (Spanish)






Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latvian
Meaning: “little bloom; little blossom.”

The name is composed of the Latvian elements, ziedēt, meaning “blossom; bloom” and the feminine diminutive suffix-ite.

The designated name-day is April 20.




Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “good bloom; good flower.”
Eng (yoo-TAH-lee-ah); Greek (ef-TAHL-yah)

The name is from the Greek, meaning, ” good bloom; good flower.”

Other forms include the modern Greek Evthalia and Efthalia.

It is also the name of a genus of butterfly known in the vernacular as the brush-footed butterfly.

The name was borne by an early Greek Christian martyr.

In Greece, the designated name-day is March 2.