The name can either be from the Japanese or which both mean “flower”, it can also be an Eastern European form of the Hebrew Hannah or it could be derived from the Arabic  هناء meaning “bliss, happiness,” also transliterated as Hanaa. In Farsi and Kurdish حَنا, Hana is the name of the henna shrub and is a very common female name.

Currently, Hana is the 9th most popular female name in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2010). In this case, it is most likely in usage due to its Arabic origins.

Its ranking in other countries is as follows:

# 11 (Slovenia, 2010)
# 24 (Croatia, 2009)
#385 (France, 2009)
# 842 (United States, 2010)

Hana is also the name of a place in Hawaii and in Norway.


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