Gender: Feminine
Origin: French

The name is either a modern French form of the Frankish, Berthilde or a derivative of Bertha. Beraht is a Germanic element meaning, “bright.”

As of 2010, Bertille was the 357th most popular female name in France.

The name was borne by three early French saints.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Bertile (French)
  • Bertilla (Italian)
  • Bertila (Spanish)

Berthold, Bertil, Bertille

Origin: French
Meaning: “bright ruler.”
(bare-TEEL); (bare-TEEY)

Bertil is an old French form of Berthold which is of Germanic origins and is composed of the elements beraht meaning “bright” and wald meaning “ruler.” The French feminine form is Bertille and was borne by two early medieval French saints. Bertille’s designated name-day in France is November 6.

Bertil is also used in Scandinavia. Other forms of the name include:

  • Berthoald (Ancient Germanic)
  • Bertaud (French)
  • Bertoldo (Italian)
  • Bertholdus (Late Latin)
  • Bertoldas (Lithuanian)
  • Bertold (Polish/English/Czech)
  • Bertol’d (Russian/Ukrainian)

Other feminine forms:

  • Bertola/Bertolda (Italian)
  • Bertilla (Italian/Romansch)