Gender: Masculine
Origin: Finnish/Estonian

The name was originally a contracted form of several different names, including Abraham, Aaron, Abel, Arne, and even Amos. It now used exclusively as an independent given name.

As of 2011, Aapo was the 28th most popular male name in Finland.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Aapa (Finnish)
  • Aape (Finnish)
  • Ape (Finnish)
  • Áppá (Sami)
  • Áppo (Sami)


Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse

The name is a feminine form of the Old Norse, Arni, meaning, (eagle).

The name also appears in Russia, and is often listed as a form of Irina, but is most likely a borrowing from the Old Norse. The name was popularized in Russia by Alexander Pushkin, who had a grandmother of the same name.

As of 2010, Arina was the 4th most popular female name in both the Faroe Islands and in Estonia.


Gender: Feminine
Origin: German/Old Norse

The name could either be a feminine form of the Germanic male name, Ernest, meaning, “serious,” or it could be a feminine form of the Old Norse, Árni, meaning, “eagle.”

In Norse Mythology, this was the name of the mother of the warrior race, fathered by Jarl.

As of 2010, this was the 37th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.