Gender: Masculine
Origin: Bosnian

The name is of a few different origins, it could be Bosnian modified form of the Arabic male name, Amin, or it could be a masculinized form of the female name Almina.

As of 2010, Almin was the 46th most popular male name in Bosnia & Herzegovina, while Elmin was the 59th most popular.

Feminine forms are Almina & Elmina.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: debated

The name is of uncertain origin and meaning. A few possibilities is that it could be from the Arabic, al-Mina meaning, “the port.” It appears as a place name throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Spain.

Another possibility is that it is a Bosnian elaborate form of Alma, which is either from the Turkish meaning, “apple” or from the Spanish meaning, “soul.”

It may also very well be a contraction of Wilhelmina, and appears in the Netherlands in the form of Elmina, though now the name is rather rare.

A most notable bearer was Almina, Countess of Carnarvon (1876-1969), she is most famous for being present at the excavation and opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt.

Currently, Almina is the 82nd most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina, (2010).

The name seems to have had some usage in 19th-century America, as it was the 817th most popular female name in 1883.