Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic  علياء
Meaning: “loftiness; sky; heaven”

The name is derived from the Arabic meaning “loftiness, sky, heaven.”

The name is currently the 730th most popular female name in the United States (2010), spelled Alya it is the 259th most popular female name in France (2008).

The name was borne by Aliya bint Ali (1911-1951), the former queen consort of Iraq. The late queen of Jordan, Alia Baha Ad-Din Touqan (1948-1977)

In Russian, Alya is also used as a diminutive form of Alisa or Aleksandra.

Another form of the name is the Bosnian, Alja. A form used among Russian Muslims is Aliya Алия and the Turkish form is Aliye.