Gender: Masculine
Origin: Finnish

The name is a contracted from of the Greek, Agapetos, which is derived from agape, meaning, “love; beloved.”

As of 2011, Peetu was the 34th most popular male name in Finland.



Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “love.”
Eng (AG-uh-PEE); Grk (ah-GAH-pey)

The name comes from the Greek word αγαπη (agape), literally meaning love, but in Christian theology, was used to describe the all-encompassing, self-sacrificial love of God for mankind.

The term, (in the plural form) was also used to describe a type of feast celebrated by early Christians.

The name was borne by two early Greek saints.

As a given name, it is rarely used outside Greek, but other forms do include:

Àgape (Catalan)
Agape (English/French/German/Italian/Latvian)
Agápē αγάπη (Greek)
Agapa (Polish)

Male forms include: Agapios Αγαπιος and Agapito.

The designated name-days are: April 14 (Latvia); September 15 (Greece)