Aegidius, Giles

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “kid, young goat.”

Aegidius is a Late Latin name derived from the Greek (αιγιδιον) aigidion, meaning, “kid, young goat.”

Other sources have suggested that it may also come from the Latin aigis, a type of goatskin shield which ultimately derives from the above Greek source.

The name was borne by an 8th-century Christian saint of Greek origin, who ended up settling in what is now the South of France. He was renowned for his miracles and was revered as the patron saint of the crippled during the Middle Ages.

In Old French, the name was rendered as Aegidie, which eventually was contracted to Gidie ultimately becoming Gilles. The name was introduced into England after the Norman Conquest in this form and hence its English derivative became Giles.

Other forms of the name include:

Jilji (Czech)
Egidius (Dutch)
Gillis (Dutch)
Giles (English)
Gidie (French)
Gilles (French)
Ägidius/Ägydius (German)
Egyd (German)
Gilg/Gilgian (German)
Ilg (German)
Egyed (Hungarian)
Egidio (Italian/Spanish)
Egilio (Italian)
Gidio (Italian)
Gilio (Italian)
Gillo (Italian)
Zilio (Italian)
Egidijus (Lithuanian)
Gèli (Occitanian)
Egidiusz (Polish)
Idzi (Polish)
Egídio (Portuguese)
Gil (Portuguese/Spanish)
Egidi/Egidij (Slovene)
Egi (Slovene)
Ilgo (Slovene)
Ilj (Slovene)
Iljko (Slovene)
Tilen (Slovene)
Tilj (Slovene)
Tilih (Slovene)

Feminine forms include

Egida (Italian/Slovene)
Egide (Italian)
Egidia (Italian/Spanish)
Egidija (Slovene)
Egilia (Italian)
Gilia /Gilla (Italian)
Tilka (Slovene)
Zilia/Zilla (Italian)

The designated name-day is September 1.