The Top Most Unusual Male Names in Poland, (2010)

Here is the male version. These are the most unusual male names in Poland for 2010. These names were given to 5 children or less. Pronunciation and explanations are given in parenthesis. Some of these are foreign in origin and have no history of usage in Poland until recently. Some of these are very old fashioned.

  1. Alwin (AHL-veen, Polish form of, Alvin)
  2. Amir 
  3. Angelo
  4. Aureliusz (ow-REL-yoosh)
  5. Carlos
  6. Dastin (this is a controversial one. This name is probably as controversial as Nevaeh, it is most often appears as Dżastin (JAH-steen). It is a Polonized form of the English male name, Justin and the proper Polish cognate should be Justyn)
  7. Davide
  8. Edmund
  9. Elias
  10. Euzebiusz (ew-ZEB-yoosh)
  11. Fabio
  12. Federico
  13. Franek
  14. Goran (this is a South Slavic name, meaning, “mountaineer”)
  15. Hektor (this is the Polish form of Hector)
  16. Ian
  17. Jonas
  18. Krzesimir (this is a very Old Polish names, KSHES-ee-MEER; kshes-SEE-meer)
  19. Lew (LEV. Polish word for lion)
  20. Luca
  21. Marcus
  22. Marko
  23. Maxym 
  24. Medard
  25. Mohamed (this has actually had a long history of usage in Poland. It was a common name among the Polish-Tatars)
  26. Oktawiusz  (oke-TAH-vyoosh)
  27. Paskal
  28. Robin
  29. Sajmon (this looks like a Polish phonetic spelling of the English pronunciation of Simon)
  30. Valentino
  31. Wiesław (VYEH-swahf. This was actually pretty common at the turn of the 20th-century, as was its feminine form, Wiesława. It was often transliterated as Wesley for males and as Vivian for females by the Polish community in the United States)
  32. Wilhelm (this was also a common name in Poland during the turn of the 20th-century. It was most often used among Poles of German ancestry)
  33. Alek
  34. Brandon
  35. Deniz
  36. Elvis
  37. Erik
  38. Eugeniusz (ew-GAY-nyoosh. This and Eugenia were fairly common at the turn of the 20th-century. English form is Eugene)
  39. Felix
  40. Gaspar
  41. Henry
  42. Hieronim (this is the Polish form of Jerome, hyeh-ROH-neem)
  43. Ibrahim
  44. Jack
  45. Jarema (yah-REH-mah. This is a Medieval Polish form of Jeremy)
  46. Jason (YAH-sone)
  47. John
  48. Jovan
  49. Kilian (KEEL-yahn. This is the Polish form of Cillian)
  50. Lubomir (LOO-baw-MEER; loo-BAW-meer. This is an Old Polish Name)
  51. Marcjan (MART-syahn. This is a Polish form of Marcian or Marcianus)
  52. Matthew
  53. Orest (AW-rest. This is a Polish form of Orestes)
  54. Orlando
  55. Paul
  56. Peter
  57. Rajan (RYE-yahn. Possibly a Polish phonetic spelling of Ryan)
  58. Samir
  59. Vadim (a Russian Name)
  60. Walenty (a Polish form of Valentus, vah-LEN-tih)
  61. Yasin
  62. Alexandre
  63. Alexandros
  64. Amin
  65. Anas
  66. Antoniusz (a Polish form of Antonius, ahn-TONE-yoosh)
  67. Arsen
  68. Arthur
  69. Aryan (an Indian or Afghani name)
  70. Ben
  71. Bohdan (an Old Polish name, Bogdan is the more common form)
  72. Bożydar (an Old Polish name, boh-ZHIH-dar, BOH-zhih-dar, literally mean, “God’s gift”)
  73. Christopher
  74. Dante
  75. Dionizy (the Polish form of Dennis, dyoh-NEE-zih)
  76. Eneasz (the Polish form of Aeneas, eh-NAY-ahsh)
  77. Eric
  78. Filippos
  79. Flavio
  80. Gaweł (the Polish form of Gall or Gallus, in Medieval times, this name was only given to children born out of wedlock. GAH-vew)
  81. Giacomo
  82. Gniewosz (an Old Polish name. GNYEH-voshe)
  83. Gwidon (the Polish form of Guy, GVEE-done)
  84. Ismael
  85. Jamie
  86. Jasper
  87. Josef
  88. Justyn (Polish form of Justin. YOO-stin)
  89. Kolin (this looks like a Polonized form of Colin)
  90. Liam
  91. Maciek (this is the diminutive form of Mateusz, which would be the Polish form of Matt)
  92. Magnus
  93. Maksim
  94. Maksymilan
  95. Mantas (this is a very common Lithuanian male name)
  96. Manuel
  97. Marsel
  98. Matt
  99. Maximus
  100. Migel
  101. Milo
  102. Nikolaos
  103. Pablo
  104. Phillip
  105. Radosz (an Old Polish name, meaning, “joy.” RAH-doshe)
  106. Ricardo
  107. Sami
  108. Siemowit (an Old Polish name and the name of a few Polish kings. SHYEH-moh-VEET; shyeh-MOH-veet)
  109. Sofian
  110. Tigran (a popular Kazakh name)
  111. Tomir (an Old Polish name, TOH-meer)
  112. Valentino
  113. Xavery

3 thoughts on “The Top Most Unusual Male Names in Poland, (2010)

  1. Thanks for this! #15, woot! We’re naming our baby Hector and he will be born to a Polish father (myself) and a Mexican mother. The name has more common use in the Latin-American countries and I personalyl love the mythological symbolism of honor it has but it was difficult to find much info on the name in Poland. Glad to see that there is at least ONE out there, haha. Peace!

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