Baby Name Book!

Happy June Everyone!

I am in the midst of writing and publishing a book, the subject of course will be about the wonderful world of onomastics! My book will be a bit more than just any baby name book. As to what makes it stand out from the rest….well… you will just have to wait and see :).

Since I am going to be busy writing, I may not be posting as much, but I promise to keep blogging about names, I just can’t promise to do 10 names a day as I have been doing before.


11 thoughts on “Baby Name Book!

    • Oh, thank you! If it wasn’t for you wonderful followers I don’t think I ever would have the gumption to write one!

    • Its going good! I am just worried that it is going to be too long.

      That is so funny. Yesterday I went to an Assyrian Book store to find info on Assyrian Names. The only book they had was in Assyrian. Your dream reminds me of my experience. LOL

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