Gender: Masculine
Origin: French/German
Eng (MATH-is); Fre (mah-TEES); Germ (MAH-tis)

He has recently become quite trendy in French-speaking and German-speaking countries. In the States, he may make a cool and stride surname-ish alternative to Matthew.

Mathis is a common surname, but he was originally a forename. Bearers of the surname Mathis are most definitely related to a Mathis somewhere down the line, Matisse is one variation which has been used by American parents of a bohemian persuasion; though in France, the Matisse form also appears in the top 500, he is exclusively given to males.

Mathis is a Medieval German contracted form of Mathias. A notable bearer was German Renaissance painter (née Mathias Grünwald) known simply as Mathis (1470-1598).

In France and outside the Hexagone, the French brand of car most undoubtedly propelled this name to its current zenith. The mathis was a car created by Émile Mathis between 1910 and 1950.

As of 2010, Mathis was the 9th most popular male name in France and the 9th most popular in Belgium, (2008).


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