Gender: Masculine
Origin: Breton/French
Meaning: debated

Corentin is a franconized form of the Breton male name, Kaourentin, which is possibly related to the Breton word, kaour, meaning, “help.” Other possibilities include kar (friend) or karent (parent), or even the Celtic, korventenn, meaning, “hurricane.”

The name was borne by one of the seven founding saints of Brittany. He is revered as the patron saint of Seafood as it is believed he subsisted on a miraculous fish that would regrow its body parts every time the saint cut off a piece.

As of 2010, Corentin was the 64th most popular male name in France.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Kaourentin (Breton)
  • Corentyn (Cornish)
  • Corentin (French)
  • Corentino (Italian)
Feminine forms include: Corentine (French) and Kaourentina (Breton).


4 thoughts on “Corentin

  1. This is one of my favourite names; in fact it would be on my list, except that it unfortunately doesn’t sound too good with our surname.

    Can you tell me why baby name sites tend to say it means “tempest, hurricane”?

    • I was wondering that myself. I tend to use Old French baby name books and none of them mentioned the hurricane meaning. I consulted some Breton dictionaries as well and couldn’t make a connection. Finally I found that some sources do trace it to an old Celtic word, korventenn, which does mean hurricane.

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