Gender: Masculine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “from Cyprus.”
Eng (SIP-ree-ən)

The name is derived from the Roman family name, Cyprianus, which means, “from Cyprus.”

The name was borne by a 3rd-century Christian theologian, writer, martyr and saint.

As of 2009, its French form of Cyprien was the 272nd most popular male name in France.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Çipriani (Albanian)
  • Cyprian (Albanian/English/German/Polish/Romansch)
  • Sybryan سيبريان (Arabic)
  • Kiprianos Կիպրիանոս (Armenian)
  • Zipriano (Basque)
  • Kiprijan Киприян (Bulgarian)
  • Cebrià (Catalan)
  • Ciprijan (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian/Slovene)
  • Cyprián (Czech)
  • Cyprianus (Dutch/Latin)
  • Cyprien (French)
  • Ciprian (Fruilian/Romanian)
  • Cibrán (Galician)
  • Kvipriane კვიპრიანე (Georgian)
  • Kyprianόs Κυπριανός (Greek)
  • Cipriano (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Kiprijonas (Lithuanian)
  • Kiprián Киприа́н (Russian)
  • Cebrián (Spanish)
  • Kypryan Кипріян (Ukrainian)
Feminine forms include:
  • Cyprienne (French)
  • Cipriana (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Cypriana (Latin/Polish)
The name was borne by several other saints, another notable bearer is Polish romantic poet, Cyprian Kamil Norwid (1821-1883).

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