Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “guide; barefoot.”

The name caused quite a stir when Jean Sarkozy and his wife Jessica, chose this name for their first child. French news reports claimed that the couple named their child after the eponymous hero of Swiss author, Albert Cohen’s 1930 book.

The name also honours the couples’ Sephardic roots as Solal seems to be an especially common name among Spanish Jews. There are a few theories as to the name’s origins. One is that it is derived from the Hebrew, יָחֵף (sovlel) meaning, “barefoot.” Other sources suggest it means “the one who guides,” though I couldn’t find the actual Hebrew link for the latter.

As of 2009, Solal was the 337th most popular male name in France.



3 thoughts on “Solal

  1. Spelled סולל [samech.vav.lamed.lamed; transliterated as Solal or Solel] it means “paving” or “to pave, to beat a path.”

    Solal is the stage name of a French music theatre performer [né Laurent Morhain], and Martial Solal is a French-Algerian jazz pianist and composer.

  2. Panya, thank you so much for the info. I was hoping someone would come forward as to where the translation of “guide” or “he who makes way” came from!

    Solal seems to also be a common surname among Sephardi Jews. The combination of Cohen-Solal is also common.

    Yes. I noticed that Solal and Lola are very similar. I do actually like them together, even if they are a bit close.

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