Fróði, Frodo

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Old Norse
Meaning: “clever; wise.”
Old Nor (FROH-thee); Eng (FRO-do); Scan (FROH-deh)

He is the progenitor of the Tolkien name, Frodo, and is derived from the Old Norse, fróðr, meaning, “clever; wise.”

Its Tolkien version of Frodo, was inspired by the same Norse elements, and is found in The Lord of the Rings (1959) as the name of the hobbit hero, Frodo Baggins, the bearer of the One Ring and the one who must destroy it.

As of 2010, Fróði was the 7th most popular male name in the Faroe Islands.

Other forms of the name include:

  • Frodo (English)
  • Fróðar (Faroese)
  • Fróði (Faroese/Icelandic/Old Norse)
  • Froder (Norwegian)
  • Frode (Scandinavian)

An Icelandic feminine form is Fróða.


3 thoughts on “Fróði, Frodo

  1. I love this! I always thought he must have made up the name the same way he made up all the languages. It’s very cool to know it’s a real name with real history that means clever like the main character trait the character is suppose to have. ^_^

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