Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic  عمّار
Meaning: “pious; virtuous.”

The name is from the Arabic meaning, “pious; virtuous.”

It was borne by Ammar ibn Yasir al-Ansi, a desciple of the Prophet Mohammed.

As of 2010, its Bosnian form of Amar was the most popular male name in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His rankings in other countries are as follows:

  • # 10 (Iraq, 2007)
  • # 10 (United Arab Emirates)
  • # 45 (Amer, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2010)
  • # 80 (Ammar, Bosnia & Herzegovia, 2010)

Other forms of the name include:

  • Amar (Bosnian)
  • Əmmar (Azeri)
  • Gammer Гаммәр (Tatar)
The name is used throughout the Islamic world.
A Bosnian feminine form is Amera.

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