Gender: Masculine
Origin: Biblical Hebrew  עַמְרָם
Meaning: “exalted one.”

The name is found in the Old Testament as the name of the husband of Jochebed and the father of Moses, Aaron and Miriam. In the Qu’ran, the name appears in its Arabic form of Imran عمران as the name of both the father of Moses and the father of the Virgin Mary, (analogous to the Catholic Joachim).

As of 2010, Imran was the 17th most popular male name in Bosnia & Herzegovina. His rankings in other countries are as follows:

  • # 243 (Netherlands, 2010)
  • # 365 (France, 2009)

Other forms of the name include:

  • Imram عمرام (Arabic)
  • Ambram Αμβραμ (Greek)
  • ‘Îmran (Kurdish)
A Bosnian feminine form is Amra, which is currently the 27th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina, (2010).

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