Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic علاء الدين
Meaning: “glory to religion.”

The name is composed of the Arabic words  علاء (‘ala) “glory, praise; excellence” and  دين (din) “religion.”

The name was borne by several Delhi Sultans, but came was introduced into the Western World via the Middle Eastern folktale as written in 1001 Nights. It is the name of the impoverished Chinese hero who is kidnapped and forced into slavery by an evil and powerful North African sorcerer. The tale recounts the Aladdin’s obtainment of a genie and his eventual rise to prestige.

As of 2010, its Bosnian modified form of Aldin, was the 23rd most popular male name in Bosnia & Herzegovina, while its female form of Aldina was the 97th most popular female name in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Other Balkan forms include Aladin and Alaudin.


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