Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic  حسن 
Meaning: “the handsome; the good.”

The name is derived from the Arabic noun plus definite article الحسن (al-Ḥasan) literally meaning, “the good, the handsome, the beautiful.”

The name was borne by one of the beloved grandsons of the Prophet Mohammed and the son of Ali.

According to Shia and Sunni sources the Archangel Gabriel commanded the Propheth Mohammed to name his grandson, Hasan, a pre-Islamic name. Hasan eventually went on to succeed his father as the Caliph and eventually retired to Madinah where he was poisoned by one of his wives, (the identity of whom is somewhat debated). He is considered a martyr by both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.

It was the 24th most popular male name in Turkey, (2010) and the 94th most popular in Bosnia & Herzegovina, (2010).

The name is sometimes transliterated as Hassan, especially in the former French colonies, however, this transliteration is actually incorrect as when an extra S is added, the meaning of the name changes, being from the Arabic  حسّان Hassan meaning, “doer of good.”

Other forms of the name include:

  • Hasan Хасан (Albanian/Arabic/Baskkir/Bosnian/Chechen/Dagestani/Kazakh/Kyrgyz/Ossetian/Persian/Tajik/Tatar/Turkmen/Turkish/Ughur/Urdu/Uzbek)
  • Hassan حسن مجتبی (Algerian/Javanese/Malaysian/Moroccan/Persian/Tunisian)
  • Həsən (Azeri)
  • Gasan (Dagastani)
  • Hesan (Kurdish)
  • Alassane (Sub-Saharan African)
  • Lassana (Sub-Saharan African)
  • Hesen (Zazaki)

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