Gender: Feminine
Origin: Albanian
Meaning: “fairy.”

Zana comes from the name of a group of mythical female beings in Albanian and Romanian folklore.

In Romanian myth, the Zână are viewed as guardians of newborns and young children. In modern Romanian, the term zână is also used to refer to an attractive woman.

In Albanian lore, the zanas are a symbol of fertility and they are believed to be a remnant of the Roman goddess, Diana, who was worshipped as Thana by the ancient Illyrians.

The name is a common Albanian female name and has come into usage in the former Yugoslav Republic where it was most likely popularized by Albanian-Serbian singer, Zana Nimani.

The name currently appears in the Bosnian top 100, coming in as the 90th most popular female name, (2010).


2 thoughts on “Zana

  1. I would like to add something about this: the name Zana, he give’s to me like a second baptismal name, it was the name of my grandmother whose roots from Serbia, and one day when I asked my grandmother about our name (it’s not usual name in Hellas), replied that this name comes from the Serbian name Elizabeta – Zabéta and limbs to Zanéta or Zána..

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