Gender: Feminine
Origin: Persian
Meaning: “immaculate.”

The name is composed of the Avestan elements, a (not) and ahit (unclean).

It was borne in Persian and Armenian mythology by a fertility goddess associated with water, wisdom and healing.

The name’s usage has survived both Christianity and Islam, being a popular name throughout the Near East and Central Asia.

As of 2009, its Tajik variant of Anohito was the 5th most popular female name in Tajikistan, (2009).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Anahid/Anahit Անահիդ (Armenian/Azeri)
  • Anahita (Assyrian/Lebanese/Persian/Syrian)
  • Anais (Azeri)
  • Anaitis (Greek)
  • Anahîta (Kurdish)
  • Nahid  ناهید (Persian)
  • Anohito Анохито (Tajik/Uzbek)
  • Noxid Ноҳид (Tajik)
  • Onoxito Оноҳито (Tajik)

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