Gender: Masculine
Origin: Arabic  مراد
Meaning: “wish; desire.”

The name is derived from the Arabic meaning, “wish; desire.”

It is currently the 5th most popular male name among babies born in Azerbaijan, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Murad Мура́д (Albanian/Assyrian/Azeri/Bosnian/Chechen/Egyptian/Iranian/Kazakh/Kurdish/Kyrgyz/Lebanese/Pashtun/Syrian/Tatar/Urdu/Uzbek)
  • Mourad (Algerian/Moroccan/Tunisian)
  • Mұrat Мұрат (Kazakh)
  • Murat (Turkish)
  • Myrat (Turkmen)

It was borne by at least 5 Turkish Sultans.

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