Gender: Feminine
Origin: Hebrew יָעֵל
Meaning: “ibex.”
Eng (JAY-el); Germ/Heb/Sp (yah-EL)

The name comes directly from the Hebrew word for the Nubian Ibex. It appears in the Old Testament as the name of the wife of Heber. Jael is known for killing Sisera with a tent peg in order to deliver Israel from the troups of King Jabin.

The name has always been very popular among Jews and has only recently become more common among non-Jews.

In German-speaking Switzerland, Jaël is currently the 35th most popular female name, (2010). This may be due to the Swiss pop singer, Jaël whose real name is Rahel Krebs (b.1979). In France, Yael ranked in as the 396th most popular female name, (2009).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Jael (Catalan/English/Spanish/Portuguese)
  • Yaël (French)
  • Jaël (German)
  • Giaele (Italian)
  • Iahel (Latin)
  • ‘Iail Иаиль (Russian)

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