Gender: Feminine
Origin: Arabic; Sanskrit  سميرة‎, समीर

The name is a feminine form of the Arabic or Sanskrit male name, Samir.

Currently, Samira is the 89th most popular female name in Germany, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Samira Самира (Azeri/Chechen/Kazakh/Kyrgyz/Tatar/Tajik/Turkmen/Uzbek)
  • Zamira Замира (Azeri/Chechen/Kazakh/Russian/Tajik/Turkmen)
  • Samira  مخملباف (Farsi)
  • Sameera (Indian)
  • Semra (Bosnian/Turkish)

Samira is used in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, throughout Central Asia and within the Middle East.

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