Gender: Feminine
Origin: Old Norse/Germanic

The name is a feminine form of Inge or Ing, which is an Old Germanic name of uncertain meaning. It was the name of an ancient Germanic god of which very little is known.

In addition to Scandinavia, Inga has experienced prevalent usage in other countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.

Currently, Inga is the 341st most popular female name in Germany, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Inga Инга (Belarusian/Bosnian/Croatian/Dutch/Estonian/Faroese/Georgian/German/Icelandic/Latvian/Lithuanian/Polish/Russian/Scandinavian/Serbian/Slovene)
  • Inge (Danish/Dutch)
  • Inia (Danish)
  • Inka (Finnish)
  • Inken (Frisian)
  • Iηgá (Sami)
  • Ingara (Norwegian: archaic)

Inge is rarely ever used as a masculine form and is occasionally used as a female form in Scandinavia, pronounced (IN-ge).

Common male forms are Ingi and Ingo.

In Sweden, Inga’s designated name-day is October 25. In Norway it is December 17 and in the Swedo-Finnish calendar it is June 20.

Inga is also the name of a genus of tropical trees and shrubs.

The name was and is borne by Swedish stage actress and opera singer, Inga Åberg (1773-1837); Swedish actress Inga Tidblad (1901-1975); Swedish actress Inga Landgré (b.1927); American actress Inga Swenson (b. 1932); American femininist author Inga Muscio (b.1966); Russian Olympic Speed-Skater Inga Artamonova (1936-1966); Bosnian-Australian politician Inga  nee Dosen Peulich (b.1964); Australian anthropologist, author and historian Inga Clendinnen (b.1934) and Danish Opera Soprano Singer Inga Nielsen (1946-2008)

5 thoughts on “Inga

  1. Interesting, again.

    I’m not sure about Inia being a danish form, though. Ina is not unusual, but I have never seen Inia.

    • Thanks! I believe Inia may be a Medieval form, hence is why you have never encountered it. I will double check, though 🙂

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