Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “friendly; loveable.”
Germ (fee-LEE-neh)

The name was possibly coined by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe for a character in his 1796 novel, Wilhelm Meister’s Aprenticeship. It is most likely derived from the Greek, philein, philéo meaning “friendly, loveable”.

The name has been borne by German actress, Philine Leudesdorff-Tormin (1892-1924) and German opera singer, Philine Fischer (1919-2001).

Currently, Philine is the 407th most popular female name in Germany, (2011).



2 thoughts on “Philine

  1. This name’s way older than the 18th century, and was borne by two notable women. The first was Philinna (Φίλιννα) or Philine (Φιλίνη) of Larissa, a consort of Philip II of Macedon and mother of one of Alexander the Great’s half-siblings, Philip III Arrhidaeus of Macedon (c. 359 BC-317 BC). The second, “famed Philina”, was the mother of the poet Theocritus (fl. 3rd-century BC).

    There was also a masculine version, Philinos (Φιλῖνος – Philinus in Latin), borne by several ancient Greek men: Philinus of Athens (fl. 4th century BC), orator; Philinus of Agrigentum (fl. 3rd century BC), historian; Philinus of Cos (fl. 3rd century BC), physician; and another Philinus of Cos (fl. 3rd century BC), athlete and 5 time Olympian victor.

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