Wiebke, Viveka

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Frisian
Meaning: “war.”
Germ (VEEP-ke); Swe (VEE-vek-kah)

The name is derived from a Germanic element, wig, meaning, “war.” It was especially popular in Germany during the 1940s and became dated by the 1970s. It is currently experience a slight revival, coming in as the 470th most popular female name in Germany, (2011).

Its Swedish version of Viveka, (sometimes spelled Veveca, Vivica), gained attention in the English-speaking world through American actress, Vivica A. Fox (b.1964).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Vibe (Danish)
  • Vibeke (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Viben (Danish)
  • Vibeka (Faroese)
  • Wibke (German)
  • Viveka (Norwegian/Swedish)
  • Vivikka (Norwegian)
  • Wubbeke (Plattdeutsch)
  • Wübbecke (Plattdeutsch)

Masculine forms include Wiebe (the 496th most popular male name in the Netherlands) and Wiebo.

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