Gender: Masculine
Origin: Frisian
Meaning: “thanks.”

The name is a contracted form of any name that has the thanc element (thanks), Tamme is most likely a contraction of Dankmar, which is composed of the Germanic elements, dank (thanks) and mar (fame).

Tamme is currently the 450th most popular male name in Germany, (2011).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Dammo
  • Danko
  • Tame
  • Tammo

4 thoughts on “Tamme

    • I suppose it is possible. I know Tamina is a fairly common Frisian name, but I haven’t found out if it is a feminine form of Tammo.

      • I ask because my great-great-grandmother’s name was Tamma and I’ve been searching for years for the origin. One side of her family was Quaker, with English names, and the other was Mennonite, with Germanic names. If Tamma were a Frisian name, it would make sense with the family’s Mennonite background. Who knows, perhaps they just made it up.

      • I knew a girl named Tema (rhymes with Emma) and that is what Tamma reminds me of. She was also named for her great grandmother, but she claimed it was a Biblical name, though I couldn’t ever find anything to confirm this. Its a mystery which I would like to solve 🙂 In the meantime, if you find any information on either name, please do keep me updated 🙂

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