Gender: Masculine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “merciful, mild.”

The name is an anglicized form of the Late Latin, Clemens, which is derived from Clementius, meaning, “merciful; gentle.”

The name was extremely popular throughout Medieval Europe as it was borne by several saints and Popes, most notably St. Clement I, the third Pope and St. Clement of Alexandria, an Eastern Christian theologian who reconciled Christian and Platonic philosophies.

In England, the name fell out of usage after the Protestant Reformation, but was revived in the 19th-century.

Currently, Clement is the 20th most popular male name in Belgium, (2009) and the 40th most popular in France, (2009).

Its Latin form of Clemens is the 45th most popular male name in Austria, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Kelmen (Basque)
  • Klemañs (Breton)
  • Kliment Климентკლემენტ Κλήμης (Bulgarian/Czech/Georgian/Greek/Macedonian/Russian/Serbian/Slovak)
  • Climent (Catalan)
  • Klement (Croatian/Czech/German/Slovak)
  • Clement (English/Romanian)
  • Klemens (Finnish/German/Polish/Scandinavian)
  • Clément (French)
  • Clemens (German)
  • Klemenz (German)
  • Kelemen (Hungarian)
  • Kelen (Hungarian)
  • Clemente (Italian/Spanish)
  • Clementino (Italian)
  • Clemenzio (Italian)
  • Clementius (Late Latin)
  • Klements (Latvian)
  • Klemensas (Lithuanian)
  • Clementi (Sardinian)
  • Klemen (Slovene)
  • Klimant (Sorbian)

Feminine forms include:

  • Clementine (English)
  • Clemence (English)
  • Clemency (English)
  • Clémence (French)
  • Clémentine (French)
  • Klemencia (Hungarian)
  • Clementa (Italian)
  • Clementina (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Clemenza (Italian)
  • Clemenzia (Italian)
  • Mentina (Italian)
  • Clementia (Latin)
  • Klimentina Климентина (Macedonian)
  • Klemencja (Polish)
  • Klementyna (Polish)
  • Klementina (Slovene)


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