Brennus, Breno

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Gaulic
(BREN-nus); (BREH-no)

Brennus is a latinized form of a Gaulic name of uncertain meaning. It is believed to possibly be related to a Celtic title for someone of high standing or perhaps related to the Celtic root bren (raven).

The name was borne by two Gaulic chieftans, one who sacked Rome in the 4th-century and another who invaded Northern Greece during the 2nd-century. The former being the most famous of the two.

Currently, its Portuguese form of Breno is the 47th most popular male name in Brazil, (2010).

Other forms (though obsolete) include:

  • Brenn Бренн (Breton/French/Russian)
  • Bren Брен (Bulgarian/Macedonian/Serbian)
  • Brenno (Italian)
  • Brennus (Latin)
  • Brenus (Latvian)
  • Breno (Portuguese/Spanish)

Breno is also the name of a commune in Lombardy, Italy, which got its name from the Gaulic chief.


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