Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: debated

The name’s origin and etymology seems to be a mystery, it appears in the medieval Spanish epic romance, Amadís of Gaul and Oriana is the name of the queen of England and the lady love of Amadís.

The name appeared in Medieval Spain and Portugal in the forms of Oroana, and Ouroana. However, the name seems to have been more common in Italy, especially in Tuscany. It is currently the 45th most popular female name in Argentina, (2009) which hosts one of the larger Italian immigrant communities.

Oriana possibly derived from the Latin, aurum, meaning “gold.” It has also been linked with a Latin source meaning “east” or “sunrise.”

In Renaissance England, the name was used by Magrigals as an epithet for Queen Elizabeth I.

It is also the subject of a 19th-century play by James Albery.

Other forms of the name include:

Oriane/Orianne (French)
Oriette (French)
Oriána (Hungarian)
Oriana/Orianna (Italian/Polish)
Ouroana (Portuguese: archaic)
Oroana (Spanish: archaic)

Obscure masculine forms include:

Orian (French)
Oriano/Orianno (Italian)

The name was borne by Italian journalist, author and former partisan during WWII, Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006).

The designated name-day in France is October 4, in Italy, it is June 25.


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