Fernanda and Ferdinand

Origin: German
Meaning: “brave journey”

Ferdinand is composed of the Germanic elements, farði (journey) and nanð (brave; courageous).

The name was first introduced into Iberian Peninsula by the Visigoths and from there it entered into the Spanish royal lines. Interestingly enough, it did not become common in Germanic countries until the 16th-century, when the Habsburg gained control over Spain. The name was very popular among Spanish royalty and later with the Hapsburgs.

Ferdinand is the progenitor of the common Spanish surnames Fernandez and Hernandez.

Its feminine form of Fernanda is currently the 10th most popular female name in Chile, the 15th most popular in Mexico and the 341st most popular in the United States, (2010). While its contracted Hungarian form of Nándor is currently the 67th most popular male name in Hungary, (2010).

Other feminine forms include:

  • Fernande (French)
  • Ferdinanda (German)
  • Ferdinande (German)
  • Ferdinandine (German)
  • Fernandia (German)
  • Ferdinanda (Italian)
  • Fernanda (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
  • Winanda (Polish)
  • Hernanda (Spanish)

Masculine forms include:

  • Fernandu (Asturian)
  • Hernandu (Asturian)
  • Erlantz (Basque)
  • Errando (Basque)
  • Pernando (Basque)
  • Perrando (Basque)
  • Ferrà (Catalan)
  • Ferran (Catalan)
  • Ferdinand (Czech/French/German)
  • Veeti (Finnish)
  • Veerti (Finnish)
  • Veertinantti (Finnish) 
  • Fernand (French)
  • Fernandel (French: obsolete)
  • Ferrand (French: obsolete)
  • Fernán (Galician)
  • Fridunanth (Gothic)
  • Fernandó (Guarani)
  • Fernandío (Guarani)
  • Ferdinánd (Hungarian)
  • Nándor (Hungarian)
  • Ferdinando (Italian)
  • Fernando (Italian/Spanish)
  • Nando (Italian)
  • Fernandu (Leonese)
  • Nandu (Leonese)
  • Ferdinandas (Lithuanian)
  • Fridenand (Old High German)
  • Ferdynand (Polish)
  • Winand (Polish)
  • Fernão (Portuguese)
  • Hernando (Spanish)
  • Hernán (Spanish)
A common German short form is Ferdy.

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