Gender: Feminine
Origin: Catalan
Meaning: “jagged mountain.”
SP (munsəˈrat)

Montserrat comes from a name of a mountain in Barcelona and is used in reference to a monastery which houses a shrine to the Virgin Mary known as Santa Maria de Montserrat. The same mountain is legendarily believed to be the home of the Holy Grail.

The name literally means “jagged mountain” or “serrated mountain” in Catalan.

As of 2006, Monserrat was the 27th most popular female name in Chile and it is currently the 86th most popular in Mexico, (2010).

Another form of the name is Monserrat.

Common Spanish diminutives include: Mont, Montse, Muntsa, Serrat or Rat.



One thought on “Montserrat

  1. I was once in Barcelona with my school class and stayed there with a host family We made a day trip to the mountain Montserrat and it was breathtaking. I even saw the golden shrine of the virgin. It was very special, because the wooden virgin was black. There they explained that it was a sign of god, that she turned from light-coloured to black.
    My host mother also had the name Montserrat , but she always went by Montse

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