Hello everyone, after a long hiatus I am officially back. I know Legitimate Baby Names had a very uneventful 2011, but here’s hoping to a very exciting 2012! Just a heads up

  • I have now included categories at the top of the menu. They are separated by region or language family, (hence is why I have Basque names listed under Spanish names even though I know they are completely different languages). To make things almost perfect, the process of categorization and order is not yet quite finished. Bear with me. I would like to make this blog very easy to navigate. Suggestions would be great!
  • I will alternate between 10 male names a day and 10 female names a day.
  • I have also decided not to include sources. Last week, my blog was almost shut down. Apparently, one of my sources had somehow violated the wordpress terms. I am not quite sure what I did wrong, but, needless to say, it was rather scary. I was truly frightened that all my hard work was lost forever 😦 Anyway, if anyone has any questions as to where I get my sources just shoot me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to share 🙂

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