Gender: Masculine
Origin: Hebrew עֶזְרָא
Meaning: “God helps.”

The name may be derived from the ancient Hebrew Azaryahu meaning “God helps.” It is borne in the Old Testament by the author of the Book of Ezra. He is said to have reintroduced the Torah after the return from the Babylonian Exile. The name has always been popular among Jews and Orthodox Christians but did not catch on in the Western Christian world until after the Protestant Reformation.

Ezra is also mentioned in the Qu’ran and is traditonally believed to be a prophet among Muslim scholars. It is believed his tomb is located at Al-‘Uzair in Iraq and is a popular pilgrimage destination for the local Marsh Arabs.

Currently, Ezra is the 243rd most popular male name in the United States, (2010) and the 323rd most popular in the Netherlands (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

  • Uzair عزير (Arabic)
  • Jezdra Ездра (Belarusian/Bulgarian/Russian/Serbian/Ukrainian)
  • Uzajr Узайр (Bosnian/Russian)
  • Esdres (Catalan)
  • Ezra (Croatian/Dutch/English/Hebrew/Scandinavian/Spanish)
  • Ezdráš (Czech)
  • Esra (Finnish/German/Scandinavian)
  • Esdras Εσδρας (French/Greek/Portuguese)
  • Esdra (Italian)
  • Ezdras (Lithuanian)
  • Ezdrasz (Polish)
  • Üzeyir (Turkish)

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