Gender: Masculine
Origin: German
Meaning: “ruler of an army.”

The name is composed of the Old High German elements, wald (ruler) and hari (army). The name was used in England pre-Norman invasion in the Anglo-Saxon form of Wealdhere but was soon replaced with the Normanized Walter. It was borne by a legendary Visigothic king who appears in several Medieval poems and epics.

There have been several other notable bearers throughout history, one of the most famous being Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832).

Currently it is the 332nd most popular male name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms include:

  • Wealdhere (Anglo-Saxon)
  • Valter (Czech/Finnish/Italian/Hungarian/Norwegian/Russian/Slovak/Slovene/Swedish)
  • Valder (Danish/Norwegian)
  • Wouter (Dutch)
  • Walter (English/German/Italian/Polish/Scandinavian)
  • Valterri (Finnish)
  • Gauthier/Gautier (French)
  • Wolter (Frisian)
  • Waldhar (German: archaic)
  • Walther (German)
  • Valtier (Hungarian)
  • Gaulterio (Italian)
  • Gaultero (Italian)
  • Gaultiero (Italian)
  • Gaulterius (Late Latin)
  • Valters (Latvian)
  • Valtare (Norwegian)
  • Walthari (Old High German)
  • Wöltje (Plattdeutsch)
  • Guálter (Portuguese)
  • Gualtério (Portuguese)
  • Bhaltair (Scottish)
  • Bhàtair (Scottish)
  • Volter (Swedish)
  • Gwallter (Welsh)

Diminutives include:

  • Woidda (Bavarian)
  • Valte (Danish)
  • Wout (Dutch)
  • Wally (English/German)
  • Walt (English)
  • Wat (English)
  • Wate (Frisian)
  • Watse (Frisian)
  • Valkó (Hungarian)
  • Valtika (Hungarian)
  • Valle (Swedish)
  • Wale/Wali/Walo (Swiss-German)
  • Walti (Swiss-German)
  • Wädi/Wädu (Swiss-German)

Feminine forms include:

  • Woutera (Dutch)
  • Wouterina (Dutch)
  • Waltera (German)
  • Gaultiera (Italian)
  • Gaultierina (Italian)
  • Valterina (Italian)



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