Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek Ωριων
Meaning: “boundary; limit.”
Eng (o-RIE-ən)

The name is believed to be derived from the Greek, ‘οριον (horion) meaning, “boundary; limit.” In Greek mythology, it was borne by a great huntsman and a favorite companion of Artemis. Zeus turned him into a constellation.

Currently, Orion was the 466th most popular male name in the United States, (2010). Other forms of the name include:

  • Orioni ორიონი (Albanian/Georgian)
  • Orió (Catalan)
  • Orion Ωρίων (English/Greek/Polish)
  • Órión (Hungarian)
  • Orione (Italian)
  • Orions (Latvian)
  • Orionas (Lithuanian)
  • Órion (Portuguese)
  • Orionte (Portuguese)
  • Orión (Spanish)
The name was borne by an early Christian Greek martyr and in recent history it was borne by Orion Clemens (1825-1897), the first and only Secretary of Nevada Territory and the brother of Mark Twain.
The designated name-day is May 16 (Poland).

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