Gender: Masculine
Origin: Indian अर्जुन
Meaning: “white; shining; silver.”

The name is a modern transcription of the male Indian name, Arjuna अर्जुन, which is derived from the Sanskrit meaning “white; shining; silver.” It is a cognate with the Latin word argentum.

In Hinduism, it was borne by the greatest warrior and archer on earth, the son of the god Indra and the mortal woman Kunti. His story is reminiscent of the Greek legend of Hercules.

Currently, Arjun is the 639th most popular male name in the United States, (2010).

Other forms of the name include:

Harjuna/Harjuno/Herjuno (Indonesian/Javanese)
Ranjuna (Malay)
Arjuna अर्जुन (Sanskrit)
Aruccunan அருச்சுனன் (Tamil)
Orachun อรชุน (Thai)



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