Rosemary, Romy

Rosemary seems to have been coined in the 19th-century, either being taken from the name of the herb or used as a combination of both Rose and Mary.

In the case of the herb, it is derived from the Latin ros marinus which literally means “dew from the sea.”

The name seems to have been especially common among Irish-Catholic families as the rose is a symbol for the Virgin Mary.

Its popularity peaked in 1946 when it was the 75th most popular female name in the United States. As of 2010, it was 720th most popular female name.

Its Germanic form of Rosemarie has spawned the diminutive of Romy, now commonly used as an independent given name in the Netherlands. As of 2010, Romy was the 55th most popular female name in the Netherlands and the 202nd most popular in France (2008).



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