Gender: Masculine
Origin: English
Eng (BRICE); Fre (BREES)

The name is derived from the Latinized Gaulish name, Bricius, which is in turn derived from a Celtic root either meaning “speckled” or “enchantment.”

The name was borne by a 5th-century saint and disciple of St. Martin of Tours.

Currently, Brice ranked in as the 867th most popular male name in the United States (2010), unfortunately, it’s non-legit spelling of Bryce is the 112th most popular male name. This spelling has only seemed to have appeared within the last 10 years, possibly to reflect the proper English pronunciation.

Other forms of the name include:

Brcko (Croatian)
Bricije (Croatian)
Brizio (Italian)
Brictius (Late Latin)
Bricius (Late Latin)
Brixius (Late Latin)
Bricio (Spanish)

In France, the designated name-day is November 13.



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