Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek Δαμαρις
Meaning: uncertain
Eng (duh-MARE-iss); DAM-ə-ris

Damaris is found in Acts of the Apostles 17:34 (New Testament) as the name of a woman who converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. Not much else is really known about her.

According to Christian legend, she was the wife of the Bishop of Athens. She is honoured in the Greek Orthodox church as the St. Damaris of Athens and even has a street named after her in Athens.

As for her name, its derivation is argued. It is most popularly believed to be derived from the Greek, damalis, meaning “calf” or “heifer.” Other theories such as it being a Hellenized version of the Celtic name, Damara or a variation of the Greek female name, Damarete.

As of 2009, Damaris was the 91st most popular female name in Chile and the 936th most popular in the United States (2010).

Today, the name is mostly used in Greece, Spanish-speaking countries and occassionally in German and English-speaking countries.

The designated name-day is October 3 (Greece) and October 16.


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