Menachem, Mendel

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Biblical Hebrew
Meaning: “comforter”

The name is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “consoler” or “comforter”. It is found in the Old Testament in 2 Kings 15:14-22 as the name of a king of Israel.

The name has always been common among Jews but rarely found among Christians. The popular Yiddish male name, Mendel, is a diminutive.

Currently, the name ranks in as the 992nd most popular male name in the United States.

In modern history, the most famous bearer is former Israeli Prime minister, Menachem Begin, born Mieczysław Biegun. (1913-1992)

Other forms of the name include:

Ménahem (French)
Menaem (Greek: Biblical)
Menahem (Latin: Biblical)
Menajem (Spanish)
Mendel (Yiddish)



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