Gender: Feminine
Origin: English/German/Swedish
Eng (JEN-nee); Germ/Swe (YEHN-nee)

The name started off as a medieval diminutive for Jane or Johanna, but became to be used as an independent given name by the 18th-century.

It has only been recent that the name has come to be associated with Jennifer.

As of 2009, Jenny was the 708th most popular female name in the United States. The highest she has ranked in U.S. naming history was in 1977 when she was the 108th most popular female name.

She is currently the 30th most popular female name in Norway (2009).

A notable bearer was Swedish opera singer, Jenny Lind (1820-1887).

It was also borne by the wife of Karl Marx, Jenny of Westphalia (1814-1881).

An Icelandic form is Jenný.

Another Swedish form is Jennika.

Designated name-days are: August 15 (Estonia); October 6 (Sweden)



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