Gender: Feminine
Origin: Italian
Meaning: “sacrifice; value.”
Eng (GIL-duh); It (JEEL-dah)

The name is derived from the Germanic element, gild, meaning “sacrifice; value.”

The name appears in Verdi’s 1851 opera, Rigoletto.

It was the name of a title character in a 1946 film starring Rita Hayworth.

The name was also notably borne by American comedienne, Gilda Radner (b.1946), one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live. She died at the age of 42 from ovarian cancer, and since has become an icon for ovarian cancer awareness.

In Argentina, it is borne by Gilda, a pop singer (b.1961); and is also borne by an Italian singer, known simply as Gilda (b.1950).

The designated name-days are: January 29 (Poland); October 5 (Lithuania).



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