Elpis, Elpida

Gender: Feminine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “hope”

Elpis is derived from the Greek word (ἐλπίς) for hope, the name is found in ancient Greek myth as the personification of hope, usually depicted as a woman with a flowers or cornucopia in her hands. Elpis was also the last item to come out of the box of Pandora.

The name was also borne by one of the many wives of Herod the Great and was the name of the wife of early Roman Christian philosopher and poet, Boethius (Circ. 5th-century).

In modern Greek, the form of Elpida Ελπιδα is far more prevalent.

The name was borne by Macedonian national heroine, Elpida Karamandi  (1920-1942).

The designated name-day is September 17 (Greece)


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