Adelphe, Adelphos

Gender: Masculine
Origin: Greek
Meaning: “brother.”
Fre (AH-delf)

The name is derived from the Greek, αδελφος (adelphos), meaning “brother.”

The name was mostly notably borne by Adelphe of Metz, a 5th-century Franco-German saint, the 12th bishop of Metz.

Other forms of the name include:

Adelfus (Dutch/German)
Adelphe (French)
Adelphos αδελφος (Greek)
Alfio (Italian)
Adelphus (Late Latin)

In France, the designated name-day is September 11.



2 thoughts on “Adelphe, Adelphos

  1. would by any chance the name Adolph (of which the portuguese variation would be Adolfo, a common name in this latin language) also come from this origin?

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