Gender: Feminine
Origin: Latin
Meaning: “sea-fearer; sailor.”

The name is a feminine form of the Roman family name, Marianus, which is derived from the Latin, maris, meaning “sea.”

However, the name has long been associated with the Biblical Mary and Miriam, and was usually bestowed in honour of the Virgin Mary. In other instances, it has been used in reference to both the Virgin Mary and her legendary mother, St. Anne.

Mariana currently ranks in as the 289th most popular female names in the United States. Her rankings in other countries are as follows:

Brazil (# 6, 2009)
# 5 (Portugal, 2008)
# 7 (Mexico, 2009)

Throughout the centuries, Mariana has been borne by several important personages, including:

Mariana of Austria (1634-1696), Queen Consort of Spain and wife to Philip IV. Mariana Victoria of Spain, Portuguese Queen Consort (1718-1781). Spanish national heroin, Mariana Pineda (1804-1831); Mariana Bracetti (1825-1903), considered the designer of the Puerto Rican flag and viewed as a heroin of Puerto Rican Independence. Mexican Telenovela actress, Mariana Levy (1966-2006); Mexican pop singer and actress, Mariana Ochoa (b.1979); American sculptor, Marianna Pineda (1925-1996); and Brazilian actress, Mariana Ximenes (b.1981).

Shortly after the adoption of the French Republic in 1792, Marianne was a female figure used to personify the state.

Other forms of the name include:

Marianna Μαριαννα (Breton/Estonian/Greek/Hungarian/Italian/Occitanian/Polish/Romansch/Slovak)
Mariana (Bulgarian/Catalan/Czech/English/Italian/Latin/Portuguese/Romanian/Spanish/Swedish)
Marianne (Danish/Dutch/Estonian/French/English/German/Norwegian/Swedish)
Marijana Маријана (Croatian/Macedonian/Serbian)
Mariann (Estonian/Hungarian)
Mariannina (Italian)
Marijona (Lithuanian)
Marianno (Provençal)
Marionna (Romansch)
Maryana Марьяна (Russian)

Nicknames include:

Májinka/Marjánka/Márinka/Marka/Riana (Czech/Slovak)
Mariannette (French)

Male versions include:

Marijan (Croatian/Slovene)
Marjan (Croatian/Slovene)
Mariano (Italian/Portuguese/Spanish)
Marianno (Italian)
Mariannino (Italian)
Marianus (Latin)
Marian (Polish)

The designated name-days are: April 30 (Sweden) and September 8 (Czech Republic).



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